My Tea List

Take a look at my current tea list (updated 24.04.12):

Bad Heilbrunner – Anise/Cinnamon
Bigelow – Ginger Snappish
Celestial Seasonings – Candy Cane Lane [1]
Celestial Seasonings – Gingerbread Spice [1]
Lipton – Forest Fruit [1]
Lipton – Lemon[1]
Lipton – Mandarin/Orange [1]
Lipton – Raspberry/Rosehip
Meßmer – Pomegranate/Honey
Milford – Amarena/Cherry
Milford – Camomile/Lavender
Milford – Pomegranate/Red Currant
Milford – Raspberry/Lemon
Milford – Red Orange
Milford – Sternenglanz (Roasted Almonds)[1]
Milford – Skiwasser (Raspberry/Lemon)
Milford – Wintergenuss (Apple/Cinnamon/Clove)
Mr. Perkins – Baked Apple
Mr. Perkins – Kaminwärme (Orange/Ginger/Cinnamon)
Mr. Perkins – Seabuckthorn/Orange/Honey
Mr. Perkins – Winterharmonie (Apple/Cinnamon/Almonds)
Naturland – Lapacho
Pickwick – Cactus
Pickwick – Cinnamon
Pickwick – Lemon
Pickwick – Liquorice
Sonnentor – Grüner Glückstee
Sonnentor – Gute Laune
Teekanne – Apple/Cinnamon
Teekanne – Chai
Teekanne – Citrus Fruits
Teekanne – Elder/Lemon
Teekanne – Fennel
Teekanne – Fennel/Camomile
Teekanne – French Kiss (Strawberry/Cherry)
Teekanne – Heiße Liebe (Vanilla/Raspberry)
Teekanne – Kaminabend (Orange/Cinnamon/Marzipan)
Teekanne – Sage
Teekanne – Schlank & Fit (Herbal tea)
Teekanne – Sweet Apple
Twinings – Ceylon Orange
Twinings – Jasmine Green Tea
Twinings – Lavender Earl Grey
Twinings – Mulled Spiced
Twinings – Royal Wedding
Willi Dungl – Magenfreund (Herbal tea)
YogiTea – Happiness (Cinnamon/Hops/Orange)
YogiTea – Lotus
YogiTea – Rose

[1] comes in a sachet but without factory wrapping


Here’s where I store all my tea:


If you’re from swapbot and would like to do a private swap with me, please send me a PM.
I’d love to do a swap with you!
My tea wishlist is HERE.

Note: I’m not doing swaps outside of the bot! Requests are useless.


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